Being Mindful: A blog for Annesley Writers Forum

In December, I was asked to write a blog for Annesley Writers Forum by picking a found word or phrase, then using it in the blog itself. I had recently seen a message on a sidewalk using the phrase “Be mindful” in a way that was extremely negative, and I decided to go with that. The resulting essay is dedicated to my brave students, male and female, who are mindfully overcoming the effects of sexual assault.

“All over the campus sidewalks, students involved in the sexual assault awareness week had written “It’s On Us” in white chalk. I barely read the messages as I marched from the student center to my office. But my friend had slowed down long enough to take a photo and send it to me. Someone had crossed out the “On” and below it wrote “Be Mindful of Who You Blame” in a hard, threatening blue script. The M’s and B’s curved like the lines of a ransom note or a death threat. I was alone in my office when I first saw the photo, but still I caught myself looking over my shoulder for the invisible voice that still whispers watch it.”

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